designer.  Writer.  editor.  leader.  collaborator.  Thinker.  Doer.

I'm tough to fit into the traditional boxes of agency or publishing house roles. Thus, multiple roles seem to fit quite nicely. As a child, I wrote and illustrated books of poetry on construction paper and my mom sewed the pages together. As a teen, playing the cello moved to the forefront of my artistic pursuits. Then, the Modern Dance Ensemble and the Mac computer in college. Once writing-intensive BA and MA degrees in English, Philosophy, and Communications were completed, I stumbled into life as a professional creative.

Inspiration for my work comes from travel, books, art, theatre, as well as the history of more than 20 years in the professional marketing, advertising, and publishing arenas. I bring a unique combination of expertise to the table—leadership, creative direction, marketing, branding, design, writing, editing, budgeting, and print production. I also bring a love of the visual and performing arts to my work. When I'm not behind the computer or in front of a client, I'm getting paint all over myself and, most of the time, on my canvas. I'm an active board member of the Warehouse Theatre and an active volunteer and member of the Guild of the Greenville Symphony.

Most dear to my heart is the art of print. A clearly designed and well-written publication—ad campaign, book, magazine, brochure, invitation, annual report, email—is a compelling, tangible opportunity to engage an audience, build a brand identity, and create a relationship. And, in our online world, the necessary leap to web design and social media presence is a crucial part of the complete communication equation.

All organizations—theatres, agencies, hospitals, schools, corporations, shops—have key guiding principles and characteristics that create a comprehensive brand identity. This brand is more than a look, a logo, or a line of copy. It is the underlying and permeating identity that is shared and exhibited throughout the organization---in the office, in the classroom, in the community, and on the world stage. It is illuminated in work environments and ethics, intellectual and creative capabilities, and commitment to quality and service. As a marketing and design professional, I understand the need for a complete equation—creativity, communication, collaboration, and exceptional work, often under tight deadlines—to ensure the absolute integrity and positive growth of that brand.

Thank you for your interest.